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MS. Manuscript

 Record Group
Identifier: MS
Manuscript and Special Collections that are associated with a person, organization, or project.

Found in 357 Collections and/or Records:

Vera Fall Barnshaw, Collection

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0150
Scope and Contents Included are a photograph of Vera Barnshaw, a birthday card from Ronald Regan, a graduation booklet listing all who graduated that year and who were in attendance, and a memo from Lori Shriner with information about a biography of the Fall family.
Dates: 1909-1989

Vietnam War Collection

Identifier: MS-0105
Scope and Contents Includes propaganda leaflets in both English and Vietnamese, newspaper clippings from American and Vietnamese newspapers, and a photo of a North Vietnamese soldier.
Dates: 1961-1975

Viljhalmur Stefansson, Arctic Papers

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0211
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a few newspaper clippings and articles by and on Viljhalmur Stefansson, his experiences with arctic explorations, and the Stefansson Collection at Dartmouth College Library. The writings by Stefansson are, “What Do You Know That Isn’t So?” and “Food and Food Habits In Alaska and Northern Canada”.
Dates: 1922-1924

Virginia Smith, Congressional Papers

Identifier: MS-0065
Scope and Contents Virginia Smith served as a Member of Congress from 1975-1990, representing the third district of Nebraska.  She was 63 years old when she won her first election, and brought to Washington her experience as a farm wife and over two decades of public service in agricultural organizations and a number of state and federal boards and commissions.  She proved to be a forceful advocate for her constituents and an effective legislator who stood up for the interests of rural Americans, particularly for...
Dates: 1974-1990

Walter H. Page, Letters

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0206
Scope and Contents Dating from 1892-1894, the collection is comprised of a few letters from Walter H. Page to Charles Leonard Moore regarding poetry and publishing, and a letter from Page to Annie Nathan Meyer rejecting a manuscript of essays.
Dates: 1892-1894

Will M. Carleton, Poem

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0173
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a short, handwritten poem, “The Boy to be Hang’d,” a photocopied letter from Edm. B. Fairfield to Will Carleton dated February 19, 1877, and a newspaper clipping about Carleton’s poetry. A parenthetical notation at the bottom of the poem reads: “This was found in a catalogue of Kalamazoo College (Mich.) for 1865-1866, it had Will M. Carleton’s autograph on it. I rather think the above is the writing of Carleton the poet—T.J.F. Purchased at a sale of his effects.” ...
Dates: 1877, undated

Willa Cather, Collected Materials

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0008
Scope and Contents The collection is composed of materials gathered together by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries and selected items that were donated to the Libraries. Items provide information on Cather's published works, her life, and criticism of her works. The collection includes a photocopy of Cather's will that outlines her wishes regarding the future publication and use of her novels. Additional items provide information on places and activities that relate to Cather's novels and her career and...
Dates: 1901-1989

William A. Scheller, Gasohol Records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0062
Scope and Contents This collection consists of the papers of Dr. William A. Scheller. Most of the collection deals with Dr. Scheller’s ethanol research and the various organizations he was involved with during the 1970’s and 1980’s including the Nebraska Agricultural Products Industrial Utilization Committee and the National Gasohol Commission. The collection is arranged into five major categories or subgroups. These include 1) Administrative Materials Related to Gasohol, 2) Research and Reference Materials...
Dates: 1971-1993

William Clayton, Photographs

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0108
Scope and Contents The scrapbook contains articles relating to Clayton's achievements as a student and show his work as a photographer as it appeared in both campus publications and local newspapers. These articles may provide information on the photographic prints and negatives in the collection. The photo album, prints, and negatives relate to campus life from about 1935-1939 and include images of campus events, groups, individuals, sports, and student life. Especially interesting are photographs Reserve...
Dates: 1935-1939

William Kloefkorn, Collected Materials

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0193
Scope and Contents One folder containing newspaper clippings related to William Kloefkorn. The clippings contain information about William Kloefkorn’s poems and their subject matter as well as information about Kloefkorn himself, including his career choices and his participation in a kite-flying contest.
Dates: 1972-1978

William Linn Westermann, Correspondence

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0145
Scope and Contents This collection includes correspondence of William Linn Westermann regarding political events he was involved in as well as his encounters with President and Mrs. Wilson.
Dates: 1918-1919

William M. Thackeray, Manuscript Poem

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0309
Scope and Contents The manuscript poem is comprised of five stanzas with six lines each, written in Thackeray's hand on a sheet of blue writing paper. A published version of the poem appeared in The History of Pendennis (New York: Harper & Bros., [1870]) with the title "The Church Porch." The title on the manuscript is "at the church poor gate," with the word "poor" crossed out. The manuscript includes the markings "Ganwells" and "42" handwritten, in pencil.
Dates: about 1870

William Payne, Correspondence

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0281
Scope and Contents The collection consists of Payne's letters written to his brothers, Thomas and Benjamin Payne, who both lived in Fayette, Missouri, to encourage them to relocate and to provide information on investment opportunities. His letters provide details on the growth of Nebraska City and the influence of the railroads and western expansion. William Payne grew up in Fayette, Howard County, Missouri, and later moved to Nebraska City, Nebraska, after his marriage. In Nebraska City he established the...
Dates: 1865-1869

William T. Sherman, Letter

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0222
Scope and Contents Sherman writes a short note on letterhead from the "Headquarters Army of the United States." He asks that Architect Alexander Cameron, and his partner, stop by his office to discuss a job relating to work from the previous fall.
Dates: 1875, Mar. 10

Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE), Records

Identifier: MS-0032
Scope and Contents Included are records of WIFE conventions and national steering committee, national organizational files, national officers’ files, subject files, Nebraska WIFE files, Nebraska WIFE newsletters, other state WIFE newsletters, directories  (members and officers), newspaper articles, clippings, audio tapes, video tapes, Wifeline Newspaper, and photographs.
Dates: 1977-1995

Woodrow Wilson, Collected Materials

Identifier: MS-0050
Scope and Contents The collection contains an assortment of materials including photographs, postcards, a leaf from a tree at Wilson’s birthplace in Virginia, reporductions of manuscripts, letters and cartoons.
Dates: -

Works Progress Administration (WPA), Art Collection

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0103
Arrangement Series 1. Gratton, Frank Stanton, Nebraska

Series 2. Olds, Elisabeth Omaha, Nebraska

Series 3. Leindekcer, Albert H.

Series 4. Byxbe, Lyman Omaha, Nebraska

Series 5. Miscellaneous
Dates: -

World War I, Posters

Identifier: MS-0126
Scope and Contents Includes posters issued by France, United States, Great Britain, Italy,.  The posters are intended to encourage civillians to ration their food, support the troops, and buy war savings bonds.  Therre are also recruitment posters for the U.S. Navy, Army, and Marines. The posters are intended to boost moral and support of the war. Included in this set of posters is one from the Czechoslovak Recuiting Office in New York City.
Dates: 1914-1918

World War I, Publications & Artifacts

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0043
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a variety of materials pertaining to WWI.  These include political cartoons, atlases, photographs, magazines, postcards (British, French, and German), posters, scrapbooks, and medals.  The medals include one presented to the University of Nebraska by the University of Paris, as well a collection of French commemorative medals which depict different battles and people who played significant roles in the war.  The materials deal primarily with the Allied perspective of...
Dates: 1914-1918

World War II Posters & Memorabilia

 Collection — Other 001-008
Identifier: MS-0238
Scope and Contents This important collection of pictorial material from the Second World War was gathered and preserved by Ms. Ruby Wilder Shile Assistant Reference Librarian at the University of Nebraska during the War. The posters are grouped alphabetically by country and issuing body, when known. In some cases, it was necessary to group them by subject, but for most posters there is no separate subject access. It should be stated that additional posters on the subjects listed and on other subjects will be...
Dates: 1939-1945

Wright Morris, Collected Materials

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0117
Scope and Contents The Morris collected materials include a holograph manuscript page from the novel Plains Song. The single page contains 24 lines in black ink. There are photocopies of correspondence between Morris and David Madden, many of the letters contain nicknames that the two correspondents created. There are cassette-recorded lectures and interviews of Morris recorded by Nebraska Educational Television during his semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a visiting lecturer. Some of the recorded...
Dates: 1973-1976

Wright Morris, Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0049
Scope and Contents The Morris papers include correspondence to his friends, colleagues, editors and publishers, and many other people who admired his published work. The manuscript materials include typescripts, editing galleys, and other documents associated with the publication of his novels, short stories, or criticism. There are also photographs of Morris, though no photograph material created by Morris.
Dates: 1948-2002

Wyn Reddall, Quilt Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0294
Scope and Contents The collection includes correspondence between Wyn Reddall and numerous quilters and quilt historians. It also includes correspondence from the American Quilt Studies Group (AQSG) office concerning quilt researchers, quilt organizations, authors, and others. The collection includes files concerning research about pieced-letter quilts and about a number of individual quilters. Finally, it includes newsletters, book announcements, and assorted quilt-related cards, photographs, calendars, and...
Dates: 1937-1999

Xenia Cord, Quilt Papers

 Collection — Box 001
Identifier: MS-0287
Scope and Contents The materials include an article about "The Great Midwest Quilt Show and Sale," a booklet about the show that contains advice on how to buy an antique quilt. There are several publications produced for quilt shows and museum exhibits, with a catalog for the show "Marie Webster Quilts: A Retrospective," held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1991. The collection contains a piece of centennial fabric from the back of an 1880s quilt.
Dates: 1880-1991