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Beede, Ivan



Ivan Granville Beede was born August 27, 1896, in Surprise, Nebraska. He grew up in David City, Nebraska, where his father Dr. S. C. Beede founded the local hospital. In 1914 Ivan graduated from the David City High School. He attended the University of Nebraska from 1914- 1918 and graduated with a B.A. After graduation, he went to Boston and worked for the Boston Post as a reporter and editorial writer. While working at the Post, Ivan got acquainted with Kenneth Forward and was instrumental in Forward accepting a teaching position in the English Department at the University of Nebraska.

Ivan made several trips to Europe while working for the Boston Post. He liked Parisian life so much that he spent several years there as an associate editor of The Transatlantic Review, when Ford Maddox Ford edited it. Ivan also wrote his novel Prairie Women here.

Upon his return to the United States, Ivan settled in New York as a freelance magazine writer. Later on he accepted employment with the Office of Dependency Benefits at Newwark, N. J. He died August, 18, 1946, and was buried in David City.